fall smartyshorts art classes, 2-4 year olds

Sensory Arts Drop-In   Fridays 10am, June 23-August 18, $5

Every Friday this summer @ 10am come by for an hour of messy outdoor sensory play in the courtyard! We will dig our hands into several activities and messy fun art materials. (It’s a good idea to bring a change of clothes or swimsuit!) This will be a chance for us to experiment with art materials and projects that might be too messy for inside the studio. And a chance for you to delight in the art of sensory play with your 2-4 year olds! No need to sign-up in advance, just drop-in! 

Sensory Art  Mon 9/18-10/9, 10-11am. $60/$48 members

In this four week class we will use our whole body to explore various art mediums.  We will squish and splash our way through paint, dough and sensory tubs galore!  Parent participation required to help guide your child through the messy, sensory fun.

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Smartyshorts Clay  Fri 10/27-11/17, 10-11am. $60/$48 members

Come play in the mud!  This four week class is a sensory exploration for children ages 2-4.  We will explore a variety of clay and dough materials and get messy!  Your little ones will squish, smoosh, moosh and play to discover what these materials can do.

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fall smartypants art classes, 5-10 year olds

Self Portraits  Mon. 9/18-10/9, 4-5pm. $60/$48 members

Every great artist has made them, from Van Gogh’s serious face to Picasso’s mismatched eyes and nose. Now, in this four week class, young artists will learn to make them too! We will explore multiple mediums to create self-portraits, representational and abstract, inspired by artists throughout history and the big question they all asked themselves: Who am I?

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Painting  Wed. 9/20-10/11, 4-5pm $60/$48 members

In this four week class, we will learn about a variety of paint types and techniques.  We will explore watercolor, acrylic and tempera paints.  Bring out your inner artist as we explore mixing beautiful colors, play with different brushes and use your imagination to create your own paintings.

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Found Object Art  10/23-11/13, 4-5pm. $60/$48 members

Over the course of four fun weeks, we will open our minds and busy our hands as we create a plethora of exciting art works using recycled materials. Students will discover 3d sculpture, printmaking and other art forms with a sense of ingenuity and resourcefulness. There are endless creative ways make art from recycled objects, and this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to turn the contents of a recycling bin into beautiful masterpieces.

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Clay  10/25- 11/15, 4-5pm. $60/$48 members

Get messy playing with clay!  We will squish, roll, smash and pinch the clay to create imaginative sculptures, practical pots and more. We will create art using both oven bake clay and potter’s clay.  Explore what this fun, interactive material can do.

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