Mother to two budding artists, Amber created Smartypants with a deep belief in the importance of exposing kids to art. And in giving them the freedom to make messes and mistakes while flexing their creativity and self-expression. She also recognizes the need for a place that parents can meet up and relax, while their kids make a mess outside of the house. She loves organizing things by color, and singing Frozen lyrics in her head as she sweeps up rainbow rice. If you ever find she isn’t at Smartypants, she is probably hiking in our beautiful forests, playing board games with her silly family, or dreaming up her next backyard project (ewok village!)






Kate has been at Smartypants since day one – before a single drop of paint had split on our pristine floors. After spending many years rocking the kid art scene at the Portland Children’s Museum and the Boys & Girls Club, Kate’s creativity now overflows into the studio and art classes at Smartypants. Her passions include getting her hands messy in sensory experiences and exploring the wonderful, whimsical world of clay with kids. Kate has a Fine Arts degree from the University of Michigan, as well as a post-baccalaureate certification in k-12 visual arts education. Besides from her skills in fiber arts, ceramics, and creating things she sees on Pinterest, Kate is our local tie dye expert.





Abbey has been making art, and teaching art, all over the country. She is especially proud of her work in the Detroit inner-city school district, bringing art back to the classroom. At Smartypants her creativity spills over into everything she does, and her students find her appreciation for art contagious. Abbey is finishing up her teaching certificate at Concordia University, and next year she plans to grace a Portland high school with her art teaching talents – lucky kids! From making memories at Smartypants birthday parties, to teaching kids how to kayak – Abbey’s love for young people shines through in all she does.






Taylor has a degree in Digital Arts from the University of Oregon and uses her talents to make comics, illustrations and animations on the computer. She has a real flare for working with young people – as a teacher, camp counselor, tutor and mentor. Taylor’s creativity and fun-loving spirit shine at Smartypants, where she loves encouraging the imaginations of everyone around her.





Jane love for music and art work in harmony here at Smartypants, where she puts her pizzazz on everything she touches. From mixing up slimy concoctions in Sensory Arts class, exploring new art materials with kids and finding ways to combine art+music – Jane is a creative soul.  She also works as a nanny and a music teacher…and has an interesting past life studying primates in Africa!